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The Future of Local SEO: Trends to Watch in 2023

Posted on June 20, 2023

Due to Google’s constant updates of its ranking algorithm to improve the user experience for search, SEO is one of the most dynamic aspects of digital marketing. This means, each year, marketers have the opportunity to reassess the SEO trends that affect the search engine landscape.

The Leading SEO Trends to Follow in 2023

In addition to continuing to offer consumers high-performing web pages, this year is all about showcasing our content’s worth and expertise. While these tactics have always been important in the history of SEO, Google is growing better at analyzing signals and figuring out which content genuinely complies with these guidelines.

Explore what we mean in more detail below:

The new “E” in E-E-A-T

The iconic EAT acronym, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, now includes the word “experience” as of December 2022. Google now takes the author’s or creator’s background into account when determining a piece of content’s quality.

What exactly does the term “experience” entail then? Google needs to know that the content creator has actual, hands-on experience with the subject being covered.

For instance, one can talk with an authority on the SEO trends that will emerge in 2023 as the founder of an SEO agency with actual industry expertise. On the other hand, because the person is not a medical expert and has no experience in the field of healthcare, if the person were to write a piece of content for a health website on common causes of heart disease, the quality of the content would be compromised.

Because of this, more websites need to examine their content creators more carefully as well as the subjects they’re focusing on.

Zero Click Results

This may sound like a depressing trend, but it is important to be aware of it.

In 2019, the user found the information they required on the search results page in more than 50% of all Google queries. Unfortunately, this indicates that they did not visit the company’s website.

How can you use this knowledge? One place to start is your Google My Business page and your company’s information on Google Maps. Keep them up to date because this is where people might find the information they require about your company.

Another idea is to make sure your website has substantial information that isn’t just available on the results page. Additionally, concentrate on the keywords that drive traffic to your website.

User Experience Is Everything

In 2023, this is a significant technique to advance with local SEO. Google said in May 2020 that it would take user experience (UX) cues into account when determining results.

In light of this, a website’s ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will be greatly influenced by factors like how quickly a web page loads, how easy it is for users to navigate your design to find the content they’re looking for, and how well this experience ranks on both mobile and desktop.

Google has a service called Google Search Console that makes this easier for businesses. It has a section named Core Web Vitals on the left side of the page. They also provided information on how Google views the user experience (UX) of your website.

So how do you improve your UX?

Users detest pop-up and banner advertising, despite the fact that marketers have sworn by them for years. They now need to leave because this has long been known.

If you’re still not persuaded, think about this. Users are 279.64 times more likely to have climbed Mount Everest than to click on your banner ad, claims Business Insider. It doesn’t have enough appeal to counteract those losses, harms your SEO, and enrages your customers.

Your website loads up quickly, right? You can try this using online resources. Make sure it has been tested across all platforms first. On tablets, desktop PCs, and smartphones running iOS and Android, you must thus load quickly and fluidly.

Local companies would do well to think about and use the navigation of their websites to reflect what users most want from them. What do visitors to your front page, for instance, want? Can they easily find your business’s contact details, retail hours, and address?

Your Website Still Matters

Your company website still matters even though there is an increasing trend toward zero-click results. On the contrary, customers are increasingly forming trust in companies in this way.

A BrightLocal study found that 56% of customers anticipate finding the most accurate information on your website. That implies that consumers search your website for the important information they require, such as your company’s address, operating times, and contact details.

A further crucial finding of the survey is that 50% of customers would be less likely to utilize a business that did not have up-to-date contact information on its website.

This relates to designing a website that offers a rich user experience. Keep your website updated and your customers happy.

Your Site Must Be Optimized for Mobile

Your clients will probably conduct that search on their mobile devices when they discover they need to make a purchase while going about their daily activities.

According to recent statistics, mobile devices account for 52.2% of website traffic.

If that statistic isn’t enough to persuade you to pay closer attention to how your website is designed for mobile use, consider the fact that Google is now indexing new websites with a mobile-first approach. This again suggests that Google will evaluate new websites based on their mobile design before considering their desktop design. The user experience is being examined once more.

Therefore, customers want quick-loading, simple-to-navigate mobile designs.

Does your mobile design have a large enough font? Are the most crucial resources and links immediately accessible?

Video Content Matters

Numerous searches currently produce zero-click results, as was already reported. For instance, Google Maps or Google My Business is frequently used to find local businesses. Others are content that YouTube videos are included in the results.

Video content has a 50 times higher likelihood of appearing on the search results page, according to Forrester Research.

People enjoy watching video content. They see goods, services, and enterprises in the virtual world as being more authentic as a result. Additionally, your video content can increase credibility. A video was mentioned in 84% of recent purchase decisions, according to research.

Search Intent Is More Important Than Ever

Did you know that in recent years, the use of search phrases like “to buy” has surged by 500%?

Search intent comes in four different flavors. They consist of making a purchase, visiting a company’s website, learning more, looking around, and evaluating products.

Google now adjusts its results based on the user’s search intent.

You need content that satisfies their search intent if your local business wants to rank. For instance, if you sell organic, environmentally friendly coffee, your customers undoubtedly want to know more about how it was produced. They want details on the flavors you offer and your roasting methods. They will also probably want to know if your company runs a neighborhood recycling program.

You can create a frequently asked questions page that targets more local queries and has content written in a natural tone.

Your Online Reputation Matters

Did you know that 87% of shoppers check online reviews?

Google knows this.

Because of context concerns, online references of your company have a greater impact on your search rankings. Linking to your online reviews on platforms like Yelp and Facebook connects your website to those reviews for Google. Additionally, by professionally responding to your ideas, you raise engagement and demonstrate to Google that your company deals with client issues and interacts with them.

In the past, it was frequently recommended to ignore customer feedback of a company, but today brand interaction is important, and Google encourages it.

Be on Top of Your Online Presence in 2023

A local company’s online presence is more important than ever in 2023. Stay involved, create a top-notch website, and continuously consider how to offer the best customer experience. A focus on the consumer is rewarded by Google. If you bear that in mind, your ranking ought to rise steadily. You can get in touch with Tech Zent Solution if you’re looking for quality local SEO services.

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