2023 digital marketing trends

2023 Digital Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of Now

Posted on December 29, 2022

For the years 2023 and beyond, several businesses have already started to create their digital marketing strategy. Businesses that want to maximize their impact and outcomes want to incorporate the newest digital marketing trends. Here are the top trends affecting digital marketing that can help you succeed.

The Metaverse

The metaverse is one of the most talked-about digital marketing trends. A variety of immersive online virtual experiences that take place in social contexts are referred to as “metaverse” experiences. Numerous well-known companies have announced metaverse experiences, including Starbucks and Nike. Although there is a lot of excitement about the metaverse, most businesses do not yet have use cases or real-world returns on their investments.

Start learning about and participating in the metaverse. Keep a close eye on rival businesses in your industry and look for fresh opportunities for your company to pursue. Don’t worry about going all in just yet; the bulk of businesses are still testing the waters with the metaverse.

Artificial Intelligence

All marketing is driven by artificial intelligence. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into essentially all channels has been one of the under-the-radar digital marketing trends over the past few years. Algorithms are used to determine the social media postings you interact with, the search results you see, and even the adverts you view. By guiding clients to the perfect products and messaging, AI is enhancing the intelligence of marketing.

Look into how AI is changing the core components of the digital marketing tools you use. Recognize the ways that the algorithms are influencing your results, and change your content strategy to take advantage of this.

Customer Experience

Since improving the user experience is what counts most, most algorithms and AI used in digital marketing optimize for it. For instance, SEO (search engine optimization) upgrades this year concentrated on giving visitors the most beneficial material. By emphasizing their experiences more, you may outperform the algorithms and please your customers.

By focusing on the customer and improving their experience, you can future-proof your digital marketing. This helps shield you from upcoming algorithm adjustments since all algorithms are based on enhancing the user experience.

Short Videos

Instagram Reels and TikTok are monopolizing user attention and social media feeds. There is little doubt that this format will expand in the future. Businesses must be present on the platforms and formats that their target audiences use to stay relevant. The good news is that scheduling and managing posts on social media will be made simpler for businesses next year thanks to the introduction of short video formats.

Now is the moment to get involved in these formats if you haven’t already. To get a sense of the structure, subject matter, and appeal, start watching Reels and TikToks. Start uploading and experimenting with brief video material for your company after that. In these potent platforms that are attracting so much time and attention, test and learn your way to success.

Simple, Clear Messages

Businesses now face a greater challenge than ever thanks to the dominance of short-form media and the ongoing decline in attention spans. To get noticed on mobile devices, businesses must be able to communicate in succinct soundbites.

Spend more time coming up with shorter, easier communications. Take your marketing and branding priorities and turn them into succinct phrases or rapid thoughts. Shorten your communications and set a challenge for yourself to mimic famous short video formats.


Influencers are trendy. Businesses need to come up with innovative strategies to reach their target customers as the advertising landscape becomes more and more crowded. Businesses are increasingly finding ways to stand out from the crowd with content that appears natural through influencers. Influencer marketing has been growing for years, and this is one of the digital marketing trends that will only persist as influencers continue to amass ever-larger audiences that are available for marketers to exploit.

Find ways to include influencers in your marketing strategy for the upcoming year by doing some research. Investigate how companies in other industries or your competitors are using influencers to improve performance.

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy is the process of encouraging your team or employees to speak up and share on behalf of the company. More and more companies are coming to understand the value of their workforce. In many cases, employee personal profiles and assets are more efficient at reaching more people in a more genuine way than company accounts and assets. It is still possible to use this capability, notably in business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Build an engagement strategy and assess the extent to which employees can contribute to your marketing efforts. An engagement plan typically comprises training, resources, and tools to inspire and excite staff to speak on behalf of the company.

LinkedIn As a B2B Powerhouse

Despite the fact that LinkedIn has been around for a while, it just reported record growth and engagement. It is anticipated that in two years, it will make up 25% of B2B advertising. Businesses have an expanding window of opportunity to exploit the platform for expansion. But only a small number of companies utilize this. According to my prediction, LinkedIn will only expand, and the opportunity will only expand. To win more often, join up early.

What can you currently do? Build LinkedIn strategically into your plans. Optimize your content. To increase your audience and find new features and opportunities, expand your reach.

A Focus on Foundations

Although it is simple to become distracted by the metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, and AI, the reality of digital marketing is that its fundamentals continue to account for the majority of results for most firms. Your outcomes will be significantly impacted by the foundational elements of your business, including your website, SEO, email, social media, digital ads, community management, and reputation management.

Increase your performance in five crucial areas to gain a competitive edge. Make a plan to maximize your current efforts so that you can achieve better results more quickly.

AV product marketing

Speaking of engrossing viewers in advertisements, integrating audio visual (AV) technology into your digital marketing approach is quickly becoming a must-have element. Branded visuals that appeal to several senses provide users with a more impressive, memorable experience in a sea of static imagery online. As the brand, you might enjoy becoming well-known and winning over customers who eagerly anticipate viewing your content.

So how might AV technology be incorporated into digital marketing content? Consumer expectations are rising as more advanced technology are reportedly becoming more widely available. Therefore, it’s more typical for brands to go above and beyond for important products or limited-edition collaborations.

Voice SEO

Many of your clients benefit from using digital assistants in their daily lives. They remain well-liked. Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant allow users to conduct internet searches without ever touching their phones. 2021 will see a 20% increase in voice-based internet searches.

In 2022, think about modifying your search engine optimization (SEO) for voice search. Think about the phrases and words people would use to find you on their virtual assistant. Instead of entering “Italian restaurants in New York,” a user might use voice search to ask, “What’s a good Italian restaurant in New York?”

In-feed Shopping

If you run an e-commerce business, you may be familiar with social media posts that can be purchased. Customers may now make purchases directly from postings in their news feeds thanks to the connection between your Facebook and Instagram accounts and your online store.

Google Ads offers another in-feed shopping solution with shopping campaigns. These promotions show up as images that may be purchased and are connected to your product catalog. Include the search terms that people might use to find your advertisement while creating it. then specify your location and an inventory number along with your criteria. Google may take down the advertisement once you’ve sold out of the product.

Push Notifications

Use this application to advertise upcoming sales, instantly send customers digital receipts, and remind them of upcoming appointments.

A projected 7.1 billion people will use mobile devices in 2021. So, it’s safe to assume that most of your customers are carrying cell phones. Push notifications are another way to reach out to your customers on their phones.

You can send them personalized messages by SMS in their mobile device’s text feed or push notifications that show up as a message bubble on their home screen.

Learn how to use push notifications to communicate with your customers and attract them to your website.

Where to focus your digital marketing efforts

There you have it, then. With these digital marketing trends at your disposal, you’re ready for 2023 to be a productive year for digital marketing. Refine your approach and put these suggestions into practice to improve sales, brand loyalty, and online followings.

You’re not required to engage in every aspect of these digital marketing trends, so don’t worry. It will be simpler to implement the tools into your digital marketing strategy if you choose those that best suit your clients, so start by conducting a more in-depth study on each before determining which is best for your company. Choose one then to begin with.

These significant emerging trends, such as AI and AV, won’t go away. So, if you stay ahead of these technological developments in the upcoming year, you’ll be in the lead in 2024 and every year after that. Just be sure that every digital marketing campaign you adapt for 2023 resonates with your audience in a genuine, compelling, and relatable way. Future trends are being embraced by them, and you should too.

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