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How To Grow Sales As An Ecommerce Business

Posted on November 6, 2022

Over the past few years, eCommerce has grown significantly. Instead of spending money on travel and leisure, consumers are now turning to eCommerce websites to buy goods and services.

The U.S. Department of Commerce recorded a 31.8 percent rise in eCommerce during the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.

A growing number of business owners seized the chance to build an eCommerce website for their particular businesses as more and more transactions were being completed entirely online.

Although creating an eCommerce store alone is sufficient to attract customers, there are several eCommerce website characteristics you should take into account for revenue development and acceleration. Let’s start by determining whether you ought to develop an eCommerce website and eCommerce SEO strategy experts for your company.

Business Strategies for Building E-Commerce Websites

Your overall eCommerce marketing plan will be easier to design if you know which category your company is under since it will help you identify your target area, opportunities, and threats.

eCommerce SEO strategy

Ø Customer to Business

Businesses that offer their goods or services directly to consumers are known as business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. The most typical business model used by eCommerce website builders is this one.

Any purchase you make from an internet store, whether it be food, clothes, cleaning supplies, or movie tickets, is a B2C transaction.

Ø Business to Business

Firms sell their products to other companies under the business-to-business (B2B) model. The purchaser frequently serves as a middleman, reselling the good or service to the client; in this scenario, the purchaser is not the ultimate user.

This model frequently contains more recurring transactions and higher-order values.

Ø Business to Consumer

C2B refers to the sale of goods or services by people to larger corporations.

Today, we see an increasing number of people using this approach, including independent contractors and social media influencers. These people frequently provide pricing that is more affordable than those of companies.

Ø Customer to Customer

Consumers interact with one another to exchange goods and services according to the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) business model.

eBay and Craigslist were the forerunners of this approach online. While most customers may find this handy, there are certain drawbacks, such as a lack of quality assurance.

Let’s now examine how to strengthen your company’s eCommerce marketing plan.

How to Improve Your Online Store

Even if you may get started right away working with an eCommerce web design company, it would be useful to understand: What distinguishes the top eCommerce sites?

ECommerce SEO Strategy Experts

1. An eCommerce website with a user-friendly design

Getting customers inside your business is never the final aim; rather, it’s to make their time there as pleasant as possible. Otherwise, they can decide to remove their items from their shopping cart and go to your neighbor’s competitor’s business, or in this case, the next online retailer.

Undoubtedly, the most important feature you can provide to stop customers from leaving their shopping carts empty is a user-friendly eCommerce website design.

Designers of e-commerce websites advise include the following:

  • – An uncomplicated homepage. Tell your customers right away what your store is all about.
  • – Search engine. Give customers the option to check whether a product is available when they are certain of what they are looking for.
  • – Categories of goods or services. Provide assistance to clients while they peruse your items and consider their selections.

Don’t forget to utilize the finest eCommerce SEO strategy in addition to making sure your website is user-friendly to get your content accessible on search engine results pages (SERPs).

2. A Variety of Flexible Payment Methods

When there are no choices for making the payment, shoppers frequently remove items from their shopping carts.

If you frequently see shopping carts being abandoned, you should think about your available payment choices. Then, by providing a variety of payment methods, allow them to complete the last step of the purchasing process.

Include a tool that enables your customers to safely enter and preserve their payment information for later use. This is a recommendation for eCommerce website designers.

3. Customer service

Providing your customers with easily available support is a major contributor to raising your eCommerce ROI, or return on investment. According to Microsoft, 90% of American consumers consider customer service to be important when choosing a product or service.

You may interact with customers who visit your online business and answer their queries in real-time by integrating a chat plugin, all while cutting down on additional support expenses.

The top live chat plugins are Zendesk, Olark, HubSpot, Tidio, and LiveChat.

Here are some advantages of employing them:

  • – Automated ticketing system
  • – Pre-written replies
  • – Analytics and Reporting
  • – Web, mobile, and social media messaging
  • – AI chatbot for round-the-clock customer service
  • – Omnichannel assistance

Ask your supplier of eCommerce website design services whether they include chat plugins. This is a top tip for eCommerce website hosting.

4. Customer Reviews of eCommerce Websites

Consumers now rely on eCommerce website reviews when making online purchases because they can’t see or test the goods in person. We, for one, frequently read the reviews on Facebook and Amazon.

Genuine product reviews may be added and viewed by customers in a part of the greatest eCommerce websites. Additionally, you may show off your product’s quality there.

Your consumers can interact with one another via a question and answer (Q&A) area, which can be included by the best eCommerce website builders. Be careful to step in, though, when there are inquiries that your consumers won’t be able to resolve.

Expert advice for reviewing e-commerce websites: Always respond to reviews and comments. Hire an online reputation management business like Rize Reviews to assist you to handle this area of your website if time and personnel are constraints.

5. Features of Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Websites

Mobile phones in particular are the new “marketplace” where the majority of transactions take place. It would be unfortunate if your eCommerce website design was not mobile-friendly.

In 2021, mobile accounted for 72.9% of retail eCommerce sales, according to Statista.

Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is just as crucial as having the finest eCommerce platform for SEO and secure eCommerce website hosting.

Tip for eCommerce website designers: Request that your website design company utilize a template or theme that is mobile-responsive.

6. Reward System

Who wouldn’t want to receive exceptional attention as a client and/or a good deal? Create a personalized experience by allowing members to take advantage of exclusive discounts, deals, offers, and features.

The loyalty program function on your storefront is deliberately promoted by eCommerce website builders. Additionally, you may use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to advertise your deals.

Then, as part of your eCommerce marketing plan, you can choose whether you want these devoted consumers to be the first to learn about new goods and services in order to boost your eCommerce return on investment.

You may create coupons to deliver to your clients via newsletters, as an eCommerce marketing tip.

7. Full Product Specifications

The following information should be included on your product pages: material, color, measurement, ingredients, location of origin, and so forth.

Consider questions that your customers could have and try to address them in that part. For instance, customers frequently inquire about warranties, so be sure you take it into account as well.

Include top-notch images and videos of your goods in addition.

Add a “similar items” or “customers also viewed” section to each product page, according to eCommerce SEO strategy experts. Moreover, think about utilizing the top eCommerce platform for SEO.

You are prepared to go on to the next phase in improving your eCommerce ROI now that you are aware of the essential aspects to take into account for eCommerce websites.

Specifically, choosing a reliable eCommerce web design firm like Tech Zent Solution can aid in the long run.

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